Beyond Teeth - Growing Children's Healthy Smiles

Brisbane, Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 November, 2017

Course Overview

Growing children's healthy smiles stars earlier than you think.

Created specifically for dental health professionals, these courses are designed to improve upon current knowledge base, promote a team approach and enhance overall patient care within the dental environment.

This course is all about children and development. Focusing on areas such as feeding, sucking and other impacts on orofacial development, this course is an exciting way to expand on your professional knowledge to educate and empower your patients and their parents in these areas.

We will also focus on airway issues in patients such as bruxism, sleep apnoea, snoring and the ever topical issue of tongue ties - what are they, how to screen for them in your patients and what are the oral implications.

Continuing Education

This course contributes 7 scientific points per day towards your required hours of Continuing Professional Development.

Course Cost

$490 per day/$950 for both days


Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 November, 2017


NEXT Hotel, Brisbane

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Day 1:
Craniofacial Development

A healthy and happy face relies on a well developed jaw, a good bite and proper speech.

Common childhood issues can affect a smile or happy face such as dummy, thumb and finger sucking habits, upper airway problems such as large tonsils and adenoids, allergic rhinitis and allergies, tongue tie, low muscle tone, soft diets, reflux in infancy and hereditary factors.

Do you feel confident in speaking with your patients and their parents about topics such as breastfeeding and bottle feeding, starting solids, teeth eruption, crowding and optimal oral, cranial and facial development?

Tongue and lip ties are very topical at the moment, but what exactly is a tongue tie? With lots of information about babies, how do you, as a dental health professional, identify tongue tie in your school aged child?

Are you confident screening for tongue tie in your patients? What do they look like and why does it even matter? We will show you how to screen your patients for this important issue.

Oral health care providers also need to have a better understanding of signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing in children SDB causes significant health deficits. Can you recognise these issues in your patients?

This course will show you how and more.

Day 2:
Thumbs, Dummies and Fingernails:
How sucking and biting habits impact on our children and how to fix it.

Do you have the expertise to help your patients quit this noxious habit? This course will teach you how to incorporate a behavioural modification approach into your skill set that has proven to be effective in the closure of open bites and doesn't involve the traditional mechanical or aversive approaches we know so well.

The American Dental Association recommends behaviour shaping with positive reinforcement to change digit sucking behaviours. This one and half day training program will show you how to implement proven successful programs in your own practice to help children change their lifelong habits in a positive way.

Our itinerary includes:

  • Influence of non-orthodontic intervention on digit sucking and consequent anterior open bite: a preliminary study
  • What is non-nutritive sucking?
  • Why does it happen? The etiology of non-nutritive sucking
  • Who is the digit sucking child – what do they look like?
  • Why worry? The short and long term effects– posture, respiratory, oral, dental and speech
  • Types of Sucking
  • Triggers, associations and common approaches
  • Benefits, negatives and strategies
  • Assessing the Digit Sucking Child
  • The Thumb Sucking Program
  • The dummy sucking program and fingernail biting
  • Clinical practicalities and Implementation
  • Mini hands-on workshop

Cancellation Policy

The Australian Academy of Orofacial Myology reserves the right to cancel any course or portion thereof if needed. If we have to do this, you will be contacted and we will organise a refund of part or all of your registration fee. Should you need to cancel your course registration, please just notify us in writing by sending us an email. Cancellations may incur a cancellation fee per attendee as below:

  • Within 7 days of course date: $100 will be deducted from your refund.
  • Within 48 hours of course start time: 100% of course cost.

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